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Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

Cryptocurrency is Still at Risk

In the previous week, risky assets revived slightly and tried to grow despite the continuing negative. In general, investors behave as if the conflict in Ukraine has been resolved, and with it all the problems associated with the rapid growth of commodity prices have disappeared. Not to mention that at the last FOMC meeting, officials […]

Cryptocurrencies: Short-term optimism

Last week, a small rally of cryptocurrencies and shares of US technology companies took place, which have been in correction mode since November last year. The growth of quotations of risky instruments in such conditions looks strange. Geopolitical tensions persist, and this, in turn, not only contributes to high uncertainty in commodity assets, but also […]

Ethereum Outflow at Four-Year High

Crypto investors hope that the long-awaited transition of Ethereum to the proof-of-stake protocol will take place this year. This will save the network from expensive fees and allow it to compete with faster blockchains. Ethereum has already reduced its share from 96% in January 2021 to the current 52% in DeFi, and if Vitalik Buterin […]

Whales are waiting for Bitcoin at $30,000

Cryptocurrencies are still classified as a risky asset class, which implies a decrease in interest in a deteriorating macroeconomic environment. The growth of global inflation, the risks of the global energy and food crises force market participants to reassess. So, at the end of January, whales (wallets over 1 thousand BTC) increased their Bitcoin reserves, […]

Can the “crypt” function as the world’s reserve currency?

Globalism implies the implementation of activities or planning of economic and foreign policy taking into account the world perspective. This ideology implies the unhindered movement of people, goods and information between countries. Ideally, we will get a socio-economic system focused on free trade and free access to markets. In fact, this is the opposite of […]

Ripple Labs Continues XRP Sale

A year and a half ago, Ripple held the third position in the capitalization rating with $28 billion. Since then, the value of the network has grown to $ 37 billion, but it has moved to the sixth position of the rating. The slower growth in comparison with the market is due to claims from […]

Ethereum’s Dominance in DeFi Is under Threat

Thanks to smart contracts, such segments of the crypto economy as NFT (non-interchangeable tokens) and DeFi (decentralized finance) have appeared. Since Ethereum was the first blockchain with full support for smart contracts, it has become widespread. However, with the growing recognition and implementation of smart contracts, the network load increased to critical values, which led […]

Which countries will start accepting cryptocurrencies in 2022

Since the value of crypto assets has been constantly growing in the last decade, their regulation has become the object of close attention of investors, traders and other market participants. We present our forecast regarding global regulatory changes in the crypto space. Increasingly, we hear news that some countries are making various regulatory decisions regarding […]

MINA is a “bridge” between cryptocurrencies and the real world

As of February 28, 17,911 cryptocurrencies were available to investors and traders. The surge in the number of tokens entering the market can be called nothing less than “incredible”, because even at the end of 2020, the indicator is twice as low (only 8,153). At the same time, new tokens appear regardless of the direction […]